Instructions for logging in to Facebook and Email accounts:

Values are separated by ” | “.

 Includes: UID | Password | 2FA | Email veri | Email password | Recovery email (There may be) | Backup link (There may be)

Example: 100099884477|fb2588|NKJSF5SD4SDVS65SDBE||Technology888|

** Link login: (Required to use)
Username: 100099884477
Password: fb2588
** Link get code 2FA:

After successful login, switch to for normal use

** Link login email:
Email veri:
Email password: Technology888
Recovery email:
** Link login recover mail:
[Recovery email] used to unlock [Email veri] at login requires email verification

After purchasing an account, account information will be displayed here (this is an illustration)

Log in to your account:

How to get 2fa code at:

Insert code 2fa

Save browse

How to login email:

How to get recovery email code:

Send request to get code

Use the link to receive the code : or

Select getnada

Finally, please click "Add Inbox" to receive the code. If you sent the code once and have not received it, please repeat the steps to send the code to receive the recovery email after about 5-7 minutes.

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